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FYI - National is mailing out the next renewal notices on March 13th, 2015.
The cut off for the renewal notice mail out is February 25th, 2015.
All membership must be into Dept. by Monday February 23rd in order to meet the cutoff date.
Transmittals received after the cutoff date will not prevent a subsequent
notice from being delivered at or around the renewal date.
Thanks... Sarah and Ash

Legionnaires Insurance Trust
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Endorsed by Department of California

A family of passionate, dedicated advocates

(317) 630-1200 * FAX (317) 630-1223

    My Fellow Legionnaires:

USSA stands ready to serve you.
     There is a popular movie now playing in the theaters called "Selma" that tells the story of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. Dr. King did a lot of great things, but I believe his "I Have a Dream" speech is at the top of his list.
     The civil rights movement was successful not just because it was morally correct but because it was comprised of passionate and dedicated advocates. The American Legion Family owes our success to passionate and dedicated advocates who work for causes greater than our individual selves.
     For example, Legion founder Earl Dickerson became the first black graduate of the University of Chicago Law School in 1920, he helped organize George L. Giles Post 87 that’s still in existence, and he argued against the practice of allowing Legion departments to approve (or disapprove) post charters for fear that some may not have approved black posts’ charters like that of Post 87.
     It’s because of Legion advocates like Dickerson that the Legion was once 3.3 million members strong.
     I have a dream that we become a four million member American Legion Family that consists of Legionnaires, Auxiliary members, Sons of The American Legion members and Legion Riders. At four million strong, we will better be able to advocate for our Four Pillars and the needs of our veterans and servicemembers.
     If The American Legion Family isn’t here to advocate for our veterans and servicemembers, who will? There is strength in numbers and the Legion’s numbers can and need to grow. Despite recent downward trends in membership, The American Legion is still the most respected, largest and influential veterans service organization in the country. But it is up to all of us to keep it that way.
     My national commander’s theme is "Stay the Course," but I would like to add the words "Step on the Membership Accelerator!"
     When you hear me discuss my 4x4 goal, remember that it’s not just about fundraising for the Legion and Auxiliary charities. Without a strong membership, funds and programs become non-existent.

    Michael D. Helm
     Michael D. “Mike” Helm, National Commander

The American Legion - Department of California
Membership Committee
Meet Your 2014-2015 Membership Team



530.743.6974 H




Steven "Mike" Hooper (807-4)

530-844-1206 C



530-634-3016 W


Chairman North

Henry Sanchez (233-6)


Chairman South

Art Castro (51-19)

562-652-5923 C

Area 1 Chairman

E. Paul Ball (550-5)


Area 2 Chairman

Ron Parshall (647-10)


Area 3 Chairman

Walt Butler (491-12)


Area 4 Chairman

Dennis Radcliff (272-19)


Area 5 Chairman

Joanne Evans (595-21)


Area 6 Chairman

Frank Campo (56-16)


Transmitting Membership to Department Headquarters

On a regular basis (at least weekly) send to Department Headquarters all completed cards for which dues have been received, including renewals, new members, and transferred members. All mail should be address to:

TAL HQ - Dept. of California, 205 13th St., Room 3300, San Francisco, CA 94103



  • Submit membership cards with transmittal and check. Missing documentation will cause delaying processing ofmembership.
  • Transmit membership as it comes in. DO NOT wait to submit all at once.
  • Make a separate transmittal and check for previous years cards.
  • When sending cards for deceased members or unknown members, keep them separate from the renewals for which you are sending payment.


  • Do not separate the left and center section of the membership card. Send the two parts (without separating) to Dept. HQ for processing.
  • Do not transmit membership cards to Dept. HQ for Online Renewals.
  • Do not pay dues for members that have been deceased.
  • Do not send incorrect check, old transmittal form, incomplete membership card and lor incomplete member data form. Incomplete/ Incorrect documents will be mailed back which will cause delay in processing membership.
  • Do not write on membership cards to correct address. Use a member data form.
  • Do not send member data form for new signed up members. (All the needed information should be on the membership card)

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